About Us

Global Medi-Vet Wholesale Veterinary Products are suppliers of the best quality disposable veterinary products. We stock a great range of cohesive elastic bandages (Vet-Wrap), elastic adhesive bandages (Equi-Plast), cotton wool, gauze covered cotton wool, veterinary combine dressing, wound and surgical dressings, syringes and hypodermic needles at very competitive prices.

We guarantee the quality of our products, with a full refund on any product that you are not satisfied with, or does not meet with your expectations.

Global Medi-Vet Pty. Ltd. and our GMV Branded Disposable Veterinary Products can contribute considerable savings on your current Veterinary Supply Cost.

Global Medi-Vet Pty. Ltd. is an Australian family owned Wholesale Only company and is not connected in any way, other than as a wholesale supplier to any other veterinary products retail or wholesale company.